“Mind/Body/Spirit Principles are finally showing up in the world of pregnancy/childbirth” – First Early Review!

Feng Shui Mommy Cover

The first early review of Feng Shui Mommy is in! Many thanks Anna Jedrziewski at Retailing Insight!

“Mind/Body/Spirit principles are finally showing up in the world of pregnancy/childbirth and Gaddis is at the forefront of it. Her own pregnancy was an unexpected push in a new philosophical direction and she has made the most of it. Finding limited information to help her through the shift and making the rest up as she went along, she made careful note of not only what kept her going but also helped her to maximize the new experiences toward enlightenment (and a return to sanity). She tells readers that it begins by getting honest. The feelings are messy (beginning with the sudden blow to personal identity) but they must be faced if one is to find the buried treasures contained within the powerful experience of bringing another soul into incarnation. Gaddis used the five elements of Feng Shui, applied to three levels (physical, mental, spiritual), to anchor her perceptions and process what she was experiencing. With or without that framework, she has written a book which offers pregnant women and new mothers a way to maintain balance in all areas of their lives and always find the joy in what is an extremely stressful process.”

– Anna Jedrziewski at Retailing Insight

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I’m So Pregnant: An illustrated look at the ups and downs (and everything in between) of pregnancy – Review


While pregnancy is magical, transformative, and full of comfy maternity jeans, it can also be weird,  exhausting, and full of barfy moments  – we need to maintain a healthy sense of humor to make it through.

The book I’m So Pregnant, by Norwegian illustrator and animator Line Severinsen, splashes you in the face with the awkwardness of pregnancy while making you think “OK fine, I guess my play dough feet, occasional incontinence, and hormonal surges are kind of funny.”

Composed of a collection of illustrations that take you through the messy roller coaster of the three trimesters, I’m So Pregnant provides quick and effective visuals reminding you that you’re not alone (and that pooping during birth is super normal.)

So, as you’re skimming through your pregnancy and childbirth tomes (like Feng Shui Mommy! Yay!), keep this gem of humor close by to help you lighten up and feel OK (even excited!) about mucous coming out of your body – yes, it’s a thing.

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Birth of Fawn Folk: The Family Bundle Service Inspiring You to Follow Your Heart



Note: I’m not affiliated with Fawn Folk or Ojai Baby, I just LOVE this idea, and supporting change-making mompreneurs.

Visions of dirty factories, underpaid workers, and unraveling threads fill my mind when I flip through children’s clothing at a box store, or browse the digi-mega-marts. I get sad and overwhelmed and don’t know where to turn for quality products that won’t just be good for my son’s skin, but the wellbeing of our global community.

Enter Fawn Folk, an online bundle service delivering gender-neutral, high quality, unique, handmade, fair-trade and organic items to customer’s doorsteps. (Insert a choir of angels humming in my ear.) Score!


Fawn Folk Bundle

The child bundles will be tailored made to suit the current age of your little one, while the mother bundle will provide goodies that add value and ease to the your life, versus more useless stuff you need to find a place for. A bundle for men is also in the works, honoring the fact that there are many men just as passionate in their role of parent as their partner. How can you go wrong with handmade items, which are prime candidates for becoming heirloom items?


Fawn Folk Bundle

The founder of Fawn Folk, Lisa July Lynch, is a fellow resident of mine in Ojai, CA, a small town for people with big ideas and even bigger hearts. Lisa is the owner of the brick-and-mortar Ojai Baby store, which is a haven for Ojai parents looking for clothing they can be proud to put on their children. Lisa stands behind her decision to provide artisan fair-trade products explaining, “If we demand high quality fair-trade items for our children and selves more businesses will demand them and that’s the magic, that’s the real change we are looking for.”


Fawn Folk Bundle

But, Lisa decided that creating change in one already-progressive town wasn’t enough, she wanted to spread the supply and demand of consciously sourced items to the rest of the nation, which is what spawned her new Fawn Folk endeavor. Lisa notes, “The journey [to the launch of Fawn Folk] has been joyous and extremely intimidating; it’s constantly evolving. I have had so much support from my partner and group of friends- their support and belief in my vision is what gets me through the doubtful times.”

Lisa lived by the credo “feel the fear and do it anyways” by allowing her inner-voice and heart to lead her in this “big picture” direction. And she’s not the only one to financially benefit from this heart-based business; part of the mission is to offer products made by “mom and pop” style creators across the United States, and “consignment bundles” whose second-hand, yet superior-quality, items will be provided by parents who send in treasures they love, but no longer have a use for.

Lisa stated, “If I listen to my heart, and provide a space for even more people to be able to listen to their heart, and do what they love while earning income, I can’t imagine a better business choice.”

This cycle of love Lisa has infused into her business was not happenstance. Lisa explained, “Everything has energy, if someone is loving what they are making, or feeling that they are being reimbursed fairly for what they are making, that energy flows into their creations and that energy is transferred to the end user.”

Has Lisa’s journey through fear, heart-fueled triumph, and propagation of love through purpose-driven business inspired you to shift your dreams from shape-shifting ideas to reality?

Here’s her final push for you to say yes to your heart, “Do not be afraid to put yourself out there. Years ago, I drove by the consignment store I wanted to consign my paintings to a few dozen times before I finally stopped the car and took them in. I was sure they would laugh at me. My mom and husband loved my work, but that was probably their obligation. Or so I told myself. All the paintings sold and they called me to paint more. Had I not taken that first step I don’t think I would have opened a retail store, and I don’t think I would be here talking about Ojai Baby and Fawn Folk. Take the first step.”

I’ll do it with you… ready, set, step into your purpose.

P.S. Feng Shui Mommies get 10% off their Fawn Folk purchase, plus a bonus gift, when you enter the code mamatribe at check out.  Yay for surprise gifts!

Go to FawnFolk.com to explore the treasures.

My New Go-To Mama-Baby Product Site: Lilly Pilly Baby Review

The site Lilly Pilly Baby has curated all the organic mama and baby goodies I spend hours searching for on the bottomless pit of the Internet. They offer goods for the interior and exterior of mother and baby’s body and have a simple website for you to navigate.

I was sent the Organic Shue Bug for Baby, Woman’s Balance Wellness Tea and Labor Ease Pain Relieving Massage Oil and have spent the last few months draining my supply because they’re so good.

Here are my thoughts on each.


Organic Shue Bug for Baby

This spray has created an organic barrier between my self and son and the Zika infested mosquitos of Nicaragua, the insanely annoying flies in California and more skeeters in Central Texas. The barrier lasts about an hour before we need a new coat and smells better than the blend of essential oils I use as perfume- probably because it’s full of essential oils. I resisted taking my son to “buggy” locations when he was a baby because I had no desire to slather him in chemical-full bug repellent. But, baby number two will be going all the places, now that I’m armed with Shue Bug.

Woman’s Balance Wellness Tea

My uterus and immune system be trippin’ lately. Periods have been a rare form of torture since my son stopped breastfeeding, and I’ve been an eventual vessel of a majority of the germs that have passed through his preschool classroom- yay! This tea has helped on both fronts, creating a warm and soothing sensation in my nether regions when that egg is shedding, and a “good stuff” boost in my bod when the germs are marching through.

Labor Ease Pain Relieving Labor Massage Oil

While I have yet to use this oil on my own laboring body, I have used it on the backs, boobs and beyond of three birthing ladies and the feedback was good- real good. One woman reported the oil, in conjunction with pressure on two points in her lower back, replaced intense pressure with a pleasant tingling, another said she noticed her breathing deepen each time the oil was used, serving to release endorphins in her body and soften her cervix, and the last woman claimed, “That oil was the only f*ckin’ thing that made any difference during labor.” So yeah, good stuff!

Avanchy Bamboo Stay Put Suction Bowl + Baby Spoon

Bless this bowl for preventing our almost daily occurrence of my son’s cereal slopping everywhere. The suction cup prevents the bowl from being pushed off the table with the thrust of an enthusiastic spoon, and the bamboo offers a great (and safe!) alternative to the “plastic kid bowl.”

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I Found the Unicorn of Water Shoes: A Bzees Review

Water shoes are notoriously ugly- so ugly, I’m fearful the fish I’m trying to spot as I wade through the water will glide away in horror as they lay eyes on my clunky footwear. No more little fishies- no more.

I’ve found a pair so non-water-shoe-y I can wear them to drop-off and pick-up at my son’s school, where mom-style is on point.

These unicorns of the water shoe world were birthed by the brand Bzees. These shoes look like sleek sneakers, offer a bevy of colors offering an option for every type of shoe-wearer, and are insanely light and comfortable- oh, and they can be worn in water.

I wear these suckers to water my garden, navigate waterfall hikes in Costa Rica, trod up natural water slides in Sequoia National Park or just walk around town feeling fly- and ready to step into a puddle.


My faves are the Wink Water shoes, but click here to view all the options.

Happy water walking!

*I was sent a free pair of these shoes, but waited three months to write the review, to ensure I could offer my honest opinion. I receive nothing if you buy these shoes- besides the satisfaction of knowing I improved the lives of your tootsies.