Rules of the Playroom, According to a Toddler

IMG_5282Dear Parent,

As much as you like to think you make the rules, you’re just fooling yourself — at least when it comes to the playroom.

When I come to town, it’s “game over” organized bins, clean walls, and fully dressed dolls. A new sheriff has arrived and I have a fresh set of laws.

  1. Thou shall not look at, or talk to, me whilst I am smashing my tiny truck into my line up of LEGO® DUPLO® bricks. I don’t care how cute I am — I will demand a snack, a snuggle, or a viewing of my favorite animated characters if you break my play flow, yo.

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11 Real Struggles Only Shy People Will Understand

*Big ole vulnerable dose of myself.

I’m a shy extrovert. These two aspects of myself are in constant battle. My shy, introverted self pulls me back to my shell of WiFi and Netflix, while my extrovert self pushes me to connect with real-life people and find work that requires me to talk in front of people for hours. It’s tricky.

I enjoy my extroverted tendencies, but find my shyness leading the way most of the time. And it usually leads into a quiet room with snacks, my laptop, and a bed. Shyness can be a true struggle, and here’s why.

  1. Face-to-face networking is a rare form of torture.

To grow in a professional (and personal) sense, I need to connect with fellow writers, professionals, hypnotherapists, and general human beings. This means going into a room of strangers, awkwardly going up to people and saying something at least slightly interesting without stuttering.

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What Would Happen If We Dipped Into a New Creative Medium?

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Adult coloring books are all the rage right now. While I usually shy away from trends, purely because they’re trendy, I’m all over this fad. Actually, I was all over this before it was even a “thing.” I was that mom in the restaurant trying to keep my son from scribbling over my color-in-the-lines masterpiece. Now I just bring my own coloring book.

Initially, I thought I could only partake in this extracurricular indulgence on the weekends, or the rare moments when all my “important” work was complete- coloring seemed frivolous. 

“Shouldn’t I be writing? That’s my thing– my soul’s work.”

What I noticed after a week of partaking in this delicious frivolity every day, was my writing got better! And, I got better at that whole “living in the moment” trend. Interesting.

Stepping out of my creative bubble, made it burst, and let in some pretty juicy newness.

What’s your creative medium of choice? The activity that feeds your soul and injects a hearty dose of purpose into your day?

What would it be like if you tried something outside your creative wheelhouse? Something that you’re not a pro at, and would be exploring just for the sake of dipping into something different.

This newness may stir up latent insecurities, fear of change, and guilt that you’re not doing something you’re “supposed” to do. How fabulous.

Dipping into those seemingly negative areas of your being is the only way to release them. It also produces fabulous material for your primary creative work.

When I realized I wasn’t so great at coloring within the lines (and should really be washing those piles of dishes and clothes instead of sitting at my son’s mini-table with colored pencils and a coloring book) I felt really insecure, and questioned myself. 

Then, I sat down to write that evening and had so much fresh material. I had gently loosened pieces of myself I didn’t like to look at, but were so interesting when I allowed them to come out and play.


On the days I pull out the colors, and then transition into writing, I end the day feeling emotionally free, mentally clear, and spiritually accomplished- it’s pretty cool. All this from flipping back the cover of a 5 by 7-inch coloring book.

You don’t need to jump on the coloring bandwagon, but consider the places some of the other creative bandwagons may take you. Likely, somewhere fresh and exhilarating.

Sending you love and encouragement for investing in something new, just for you.


7 Exercises to Raise Emotionally Intelligent Kids

IMG_7304Children have the beautiful skill of tapping into and expressing their emotions, but face challenges when it comes to effectively and peacefully processing these emotions — even the fun ones!

My husband, who is a transitional kindergarten teacher (he has 20 four- to five-year-olds in his class!) was recently brainstorming activities that can enhance emotional intelligence and communication in children, especially when they’re dealing with stress or conflict.

As a certified hypnotherapist, who primarily works with pregnant women and children, I jumped in to add my ideas on how to best guide these fresh and vulnerable minds (and hearts!) through the journey of understanding and communicating their emotions, that often change every few minutes (much like pregnant women!).

Here are our favorite exercises to raise emotionally intelligent kids …

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Movie Review: Song of the Sea

IMG_1919_1_1It’s Sunday! Perfect day to do nothing but watch movies and take naps.

Summary: This film should have won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature it was nominated for. It is simply the best. It is magic. It’s impossible for me to label this film as an “adult” or “children” movie because it expertly blends components that appeal to all ages- at least all ages that enjoy beauty, humor and unexpected emotional exploration.

The film follows the journey of Ben, an Irish boy who discovers his mute younger sister Saoirse is a selkie (half human half seal) who must discover her voice and song to free (cheeky) supernatural creatures from a spell placed on them by a Celtic goddess. The movie is layered with mystical Celtic folklore and song.

Mood: Crying. This poignant and whimsical movie will put you in the mood to cry- but you’ll be smiling while you cry. As the movie sucks you in it begins to feel like a spiritual experience (or maybe a psychedelic one.)

Food: Irish fare. Cook up some Sheppard’s pie, beef stew, potato pancakes, or bangers and mash (sausage and mashed potatoes) and hunker down in your coziest couch.

Drink: Guinness or an Irish coffee for the over twenty-one crowd, and some bubby apple cider would be a fitting liquid treat for this film.

Company: Your kiddos and loved ones! Just make sure everyone you invite into your film-viewing nest are peeps you feel comfortable crying in front of. The heart-string-pulling devices woven into the film will make you feel deep love and appreciation for those around you- don’t be shy to dole out hearty amounts of hugs and kisses throughout the film (and tissue, dole out lots of tissue.)

Yays!: This is one of the most visually appealing movies I’ve ever seen. Each frame of animation is a work of art that could easily be framed and hung on the wall. The detail is exquisite, and each time you view the film (and you will want to watch it more than once) you’ll discover more details and hidden layers of meaning. This movie will change you for the better.

Nays: The tissue bill- so many tissues. This is not a film that is delicate with your emotions- it makes you feel so deeply. If you’re not in the mood for riding an intense (but spiritually cleansing) emotional tilt-a-whirl, don’t watch this film. But really, you should watch it.

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